I have been inspired into approaching life ‘holistically’ after my grandmother was diagnosed with a life threatening ailment.  She truly believed that she healed herself with a power of natural herbs. Leading a more natural and chemical free life has dramatically improved my own health with two major factors being a natural organic diet and organic skincare. I use organic products where possible with Neal`s Yard Remedies being a personal favourite for its effectiveness, ethical and environmental values.  I am proud to promote NYR as an Independent Consultant and in corporate these wild, pure and natural products into my treatments. NYR products can be purchased from my NYR web-site (click on NYR logo at the bottom right of the page to go to my shop). I also grow my own organic vegetables in my garden.

I am true believer that our beauty comes from within.  Nature can provide us with everything we need to feed our body and soul inside and out and that with a little help our body has an incredible ability to heal itself.  Our skin is the largest organ of our body and what we put on our skin is directly absorbed into our bloodstream. In effect, what we put on our skin is equally as important as what we eat.  Many of the everyday products that we eat or use on a daily basis contain harmful chemicals that may compromise our health. I am passionate about sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge on health and natural beauty with everyone I meet.

It is most efficient to heal the whole person and not only a physical condition. Therefore as part of each treatment, I will be looking into the causes and the prevention of illness. Health problems will be looked at in the context of a person`s “whole” life – mind, body and spirit need to be in a state of equilibrium with each other.  Stress is one of the underlying cause of all illnesses because it upsets the body`s balance. When a person is unhappy or under stress, they will start showing symptoms such as fatigue, an aching body, tension in the neck and shoulders, a feeling of irritability, disturbed sleep or unhealthy eating habits. If these symptoms not treated and continue for a long time they can become chronic and cause other illnesses.

People groom daily, looking after their external appearance, but we must not forget our soul. Massage therapy is like grooming for the inside, and if the inside is in good shape, it will shine through the outside too!NYR logo 1



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