Swedish Massage Brighton

Touch is an amazing sensation and the most basic form of communication we receive from the minute we are born.  Parents cradle their babies to soothe and comfort and even as adults we embrace to re-create a feeling of comfort, love and protection.  It makes sense therefore that other forms of touch such as massage can bring about such feelings of relaxation, comfort and well-being.

Massage has been used for centuries as an instinctive way to relieve muscle tension and to relax the body and mind, earliest evidence of massage being discovered on wall paintings and drawings of ancient cave dwellers. Famous historical figures who have been linked with massage include Cleopatra who is said to have bathed in milk and then being massaged with aromatic oils by her maids! Gladiators from Ancient Greece used massage before and after battle and most recently, Hippocrates concluded the benefits of massage when pressure is applied in an upward direction towards the heart.

Swedish Massage today is based upon the techniques developed in the 18th and 19th centuries by a Swedish physiologist, Per Henrik Ling who evolved a system of massage techniques that helped to improve health and physical conditions. Swedish Massage uses a variety of stroking, kneading, pressure and flowing movements over the body to treat and prevent a huge variety of complaints, or can simply be used for deep relaxation.  The way that we feel can have a direct physical effect on our body, so by inducing relaxation and stress relief both the body and mind can benefit from a massage treatment.

Some of the benefits of Swedish Massage Brighton with Serene Wellness Holistics include:

  • Promotes relaxation, thereby reducing stress and anxiety
  • Ease of muscular tension, soreness and stiffness
  • Improved skin tone, circulation and elasticity
  • Elimination of toxins and swelling
  • Boosts immune system
  • Relieves tired and stiff joints
  • Increases energy levels by invigorating the body’s natural systems
  • Aids better sleep and reduces insomnia

Swedish Massage Brighton with Serene Wellness Holistics will typically be one of the following but can be fully tailored to a client’s specific needs in terms of content and time:

  • Swedish Full Body Massage
  • Swedish Full Body Massage including Face and Scalp
  • Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage



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