These Testimonials were given during the time I was completing my qualification and shortly after completion.

I found Dace very welcoming and friendly. She introduced me to the area of reflexology well – which I appreciated, because I was new to it all.

Right from the beginning I found Dace very professional, and patient – taking time to listen to any problems and try and reflect this in the treatment, and Dace would give me advice after the session.

I took the opportunity to start these sessions with Dace, because we had been very busy with doing DIY on the house and I wanted to find a way to relax properly.

After a few sessions, I actually found out that I was pregnant. Who knows maybe the treatments helped stimulate my body? We were trying for a baby, in a very relaxed way – and I had stopped taking the pill.

At this point Dace stopped the treatments so that she could investigate what kind of treatment was suitable for me. This was appreciated, because she was reacting to what was happening, and didn’t want to put me at any risk.

Towards the end, Dace was much more focussed on relaxation because I was pregnant, and she focussed on different areas of the foot, and she also advised on various oils and herbs etc. that would be good.

Thanks for all the treatments and advice Dace. I would definitely use her again, and recommend her to friends.


To start with, I found the treatments very welcoming and friendly. I thought Dace was always very patient, very professional – paying attention to me and will ensure that the right kind of treatment will be done for me.

I took part in Dace’s treatments because I was very stressed at work and at home – because I was doing a lot of work around the house. I was not sleeping very well as a result, and did feel unbalanced.

Throughout the treatment, I thought Dace conducted herself very well. Turning up on time, and never rushing things, always giving her full focus.

I felt that Dace really knew her stuff, because off the top of her head she would talk about all the different areas of reflexology and what may be the cause of things. She was very good at knowing what I wanted, and, I was a lot less sensitive on my feet, which I think is good – because I could get more benefit out of the sessions.

Also, I found that I hadn’t had a bad night’s sleep in a long time – and I think that the sessions may well have impacted on this.

Thanks for the sessions Dace, I would recommend you to my friends and use you again.


My treatments with Dace have been very enjoyable. Although I did not have any `obvious` physical complaints at the outset, in hindsight I can see the treatments did happen to coincide with a more internal process that was occurring.

I began to become more aware of myself, to slow my `pace down` mentally and physically, and as the treatments progressed, so did this process within me and my life.

I had previously been pushing and overexerting myself, I soon became more willing to slow down and `back off`, becoming more gentle with my body.

I became more interested in my internal health. I began to explore dietary changes and listened to my internal voice.

I appreciated Dace`s openness and willingness to listen to me and to tailor her technique and pressure to suit my individual requirements. I found Dace`s manner as a therapist attentive, sensitive and professional. I wish her very best of luck on her journey as a therapist.


I found the 10 treatments I had very beneficial. They improved the strength and flexibility in my left foot, which had previously been weak. I found the treatments very relaxing and having the time just for me was very calming. I now have a much more positive outlook towards my diet and will make it much healthier with the excellent advice I received from Dace.


I found the Swedish massage sessions with Dace very uplifting & relaxing. She always concentrates well and I feel very safe in her hands. She always asks if the pressure is o.k. And I have found the four sessions to be very helpful in releasing stress.

It has been so interesting to work with Dace again with Aromatherapy and all the oils. She takes so much care with choosing the best oils for me each time. I have been feeling much more relaxed and have had no backache since we began these sessions. Having sessions so regularly has also helped me relax & sleep better. My eczema has also improved. I have really enjoyed having Dace's attention over recent weeks- she has looked after me well. I find Dace to be kind, gentle, knowledgeable and efficient. I would recommend her to anyone.


I believe the massage has helped me keeping my emotions more balanced and restoring and nourishing my body when it has been living in an environment of stress and uncertainty. I have noticed time and time again that I can come to a massage feeling very drained, yet get up from the massage feeling rejuvenated with a noticeable difference in the tone of my face and relaxed feeling in my body. One time when I was feeling like I was just about to get ill, Dace suggested that if it felt OK I could have a massage to try and shift my energy levels. This completely worked and I was able to pass the illness because I believe Aromatherapy helped support my immune and energy systems.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am very grateful for your energetical input. I will certainly recommend you to my loved ones.

G xxx

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